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Thursday, May 27, 2010

So I never finished my blog about my original trip to New Orleans. Life just happened way too fast and instead of sitting down to write I got swept away in it. It's okay though. Is there anyone reading?

Anyway since that point I've been back to New Orleans, finished my Junior year of college, traveled to PA, Ithaca, babysat a whole bunch, went to the city with one of my dearest friends, had a night out with some lovely girls and have been soaking in as much vitamin D as possible. I'm loving summer and all it has to offer.

So here's where I'll be for the next seven days
Tomorrow: hangin around, being a bum then out to Bethlehem, PA
Saturday: Philly for cheesesteaks (my first one!) and a ghost tour (i might pee my pants in public)
Sunday: Back home to see some of my lovely friends!
Monday: To the apartment to back then driving to MA
Tuesday-Friday: Babysitting my adorable cousin's baby girl Addison
Saturday-Sunday: Having a girls weekend with Tommy in Boston
Monday- Wedneday: Babysitting for Addison again
Thursday: Heading to my grandparents 9832th wedding anniversary or something of the sort.