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Sunday, August 28, 2011

lesson 5? 6? always wear pajamas to bed.

I'm officially a sleepwalker.

This lesson was NOT learned the hard way, thank god.  But the lesson remains, wear your pajamas to bed.

I started sleepwalking a few years ago.  It's nothing consistent, in fact its very sporadic, however it does occur.  Other than walking to my kitchen or waking up washing my hands in the bathroom, there have been two incidents in which I have found myself in compromising situations.  The first was in New Orleans when I hopped out of bed and walked to the elevator in my underwear and tshirt informing Emily that we were going to miss the continental breakfast.  The second is when I was convinced the bathroom was outside of my friend Carli's studio apartment and woke up trying to unlatch the locks.

Until last night.

When I was moving into my studio apartment I halfjoked about how I would probably sleepwalk out, because I have found in my self case study that I only try and leave where I am if there isn't a door on the bedroom. If there is a door on my bedroom I'm satisfied just walking to another area of the house. Well I was right because last night I got out of my studio apartment. I woke up in the elevator, standing there, with no buttons pressed.  Thank Jesus I had put pajamas on (let's be real, I live alone and usually don't bother).  However, I was barefoot and obviously hadn't thought to grab my keys.  So there I am a with nothing but myself, barefoot.  Waking up while sleepwalking is one of the most disorienting things ever.  I actually thought that I was at work when I woke up because of the elevator.  Weird. 

Anyway, thank god my building has a 24 hour front desk.  I get there to get my keys and no one is there but they left a number.  Welp, seeing that I don't have a phone, I'm completely unable to get in touch with him.  So I use the computer and go on facebook to see if anyone is awake (it's like 5:30am).  Good thing the East Coast had a hurricane so no one has power.  After trying to message anyone online (sorry guys, desperate times) finally the guy comes back and lets me into my apartment.  Horrifying 30 minutes of my life.  But at least I wasn't naked.

The experience inspired me to do some research on sleepwalking because, well, I'm apparently a danger to myself. Here's the possible reasons I sleepwalk:
Fatigue, lack of sleep, anxiety, alcohol, sedatives, other medication, medical conditions such as partial complex seizures, mental disorders, organic brain syndrome, or REM behavior disorder.

Pretty much it just means I can't get too stressed or too tired. I can't drink, have anxiety or conflicts. Well, I guess I'll work on it.

In the meantime, I'm creating an elaborate doorblocker since I can apparently unlock my doors.  I'll also be wearing a straitjacket to bed.

Until next time, wear your PJs.

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