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Saturday, December 31, 2011

a year unlike any other...

Oh what a year it has been!  I'm a lucky girl, as I am constantly reminded.  In order to reflect on this wonderful year I've decided to make a top ten list.  This list compiles not only the best moments of the year, but rather the defining moments.

Playing the trombone, going to the opera for the first time, Hamlet (Jenn and I had a pet hamster), being nominated for a Grammy, a new car, and running MTSO all were important but missed the cut...sorry.

10. Going to my first NFL Game.  And in turn, winning my Fantasy League. I mean, I know these things aren't related but I had to take the opportunity to brag.  In all seriousness, the Colts losing while I was living in Indiana was awesome.  I had the chance to see two games at Lucas Oil and though I have nothing to compare it to, I think it has to be the coolest NFL stadium. Plus, it is the host of the Super Bowl this that's pretty cool.

9. Traveling.  I traveled more this year than any other (or at least it sure feels that way).  Chicago, Saratoga, West Laf, Atlanta and Indy were all a first but I had the pleasure of traveling back to New Hampshire, the shore, Ithaca, NYC, PA, and everywhere in between.  Man, flying is so cool....even if I complained about Newark Airport every time I was there.

8. Visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Yup, this pretty much confirmed my desire to be a rockstar. Standing next to Michael Jacksons Thriller jacket OUTSIDE of glass was just a little overwhelming and I may have had difficulty breathing.  All I know is that I'm holding tight to my first guitar before one of you suckers sells it for millions once I'm famous.

7.  Road trippin' across the country with my sister.  Anyone who has experienced us on a daily basis knows this seems dangerous, however, the magic of a road trip took over and it was AWESOME. "Buckle up, next thousand miles!"

6. Having my parents visit me at my apartment. Sure, they came to visit when I lived in Montclair but it's way different when they fly to visit you. If you ever want to feel like a grown up...get yourself a studio apartment 13 hours away and ask your parents to visit. (Mom, thanks for cooking that Buffalo Chicken Dip and Dad, for making me try that new restaurant I was too nervous to try)

5. My Senior Recital.  Hands down the best night of my year. And most likely my life. So lucky to have such wonderful friends... And so it goes....

4.  Ringing in the new year in Times Square.  This has been a dream of mine since I was....well old enough to go to the city alone.  I was so blessed to be in the greatest city in the world, at the biggest celebration with wonderful people in BEAUTIFUL Dec/Jan weather.  It was so incredible and something that everyone should do once in their isn't as crowded as you would imagine and you don't have to wear a diaper.

3. Fake Graduating/ friends actually graduating. May was definitely a great month for me. Being part of so much celebrating (cinco de mayo included...the neighborhood children are STILL scarred from our kickball game) and so much accomplishment.  Watching my best friend graduate from Lehigh in the most beautiful setting, fake dressing up for formal with my Ithaca babies, my successful last night at Alexus with my #trepz and other loves. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by so many smart, pretty people. Thanks for making me look great, guys.

2.  Movin to Indianapolis. Packing my bags and moving to a new city?  Yeah, that takes the cake as a defining moment of my year...oh and also a defining moment of my life.  What a great experience. (more on that in my last post...ya know, the one where I cried in a Walgreens).

1. Finishing my degree.  It's been a long 4 (plus 6 months) years and I'm finally done.  Sure I don't have my board certification yet, and I can't wear a cap and gown until May but I am a degree recipient and that is something I'm certainly proud of.  Take that college, I kicked your butt.

Ahhh, I am so thankful for this year and all of the NEW people in it as well as the oldies but goodies. Sure there were probably an equal amount of things I'd like to forget but hey, I'm gonna go right ahead and forget them and so should you. Let's count our blessings and get ready for a new start.

sk xx

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